These are just some tips that I have found to be very helpful in maintaining my relationship with my parents while I'm in college, and they might work for you too!
  1. Technology is your friend
    This is probably the most important piece of advice in this list: technology, technology, technology! It's taking over our lives, so use it to your advantage! My mom and I are constantly texting and sending each other snapchats of what we're doing because it just makes us feel closer to each other. And I FaceTime with my parents about once a week. Without my cell phone, I would feel so disconnected from my parents.
  2. Care packages are awesome
    And they don't need to be super expensive! Just a few of your kid's favorite treats are guaranteed to make his/her day better. It really is just nice to know that someone is thinking about you, and it's exciting to go to the student center and pick up a package.
  3. Let your kid make mistakes
    I know this isn't going to be easy, but it's important that to remember that you've probably made mistakes, and you're still alive. It's human nature to want to protect our children from all hurt, discomfort, and anything bad in this world, but at some point you have to start making them clean up their own messes and guess what? That point is now.
  4. However, giving advice (when your child asks) is okay
    My mom is wiser than I could ever dream to be, so when I'm in a mess, she's usually the first person I text to ask for advice. However, that advice is where her involvement ends. It's up to me to actually act on her advice and use it. Solving all of your child's problems won't benefit you or him/her in the long run.
  5. Balance is key
    It's important for your son/daughter to maintain contact with you while they're in college, but it's also important for them to be involved in college and being present while they're at school. It can be tricky to find this balance, but it's not impossible. One 30 minute phone call a week isn't going to ruin your child's social life. You also have to find that balance between being involved in your child's life and allowing them to start becoming an adult.
  6. These are really all of my tips. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'm happy to answer!
    Obviously, I'm not an expert, but I am a college student and I do know a thing or two.