I really felt understood by these wonderful movies/videos/articles/etc. and maybe you will too! WARNING: Spoilers!
  1. Inside Out (2015)
    I related to so many things in this movie, but my favorite part was when Fear, Disgust, and Anger were like "we can't make her feel anything." That took my breath away, because it was SO true of how I felt when I was depressed. I was just so numb to life and everything going on around me, and no one really talks about that, but this movie did, and I really love that.
  2. Static
    I LOVE this video. It's so raw, so honest, and interesting to watch. I had two favorite parts. The first one was the quote about unpredictability and the second one was how she perfectly captured the frustration of being depressed. When she said that "the threat of unpredictability is the scariest part when something depressing happens to someone with depression," all I could think about was how sensitive I was when I was depressed.
  3. (Cont) I couldn't take any bad news, because my brain just didn't know how to handle it. And unfortunately, this is a harsh world, and that made it extremely hard for me to get through the day. I also loved how she expressed the frustration of having to constantly switch therapists and medications and the cost associated with it.
    It was so wonderful to have someone else recognize that it is SO HARD to keep trying new medications, new therapists, new ANYTHING just to make yourself better, all while trying to keep up with life. Sometimes I don't want to worry about how many pills I have and when I need to get them refilled, I just want to hang out and be a normal teenager! And I don't think that makes me a terrible person. This video really validated those feelings for me.
  4. What You're Really Saying When You Say That Suicide Is "Selfish" on brutereason.net
    I think everyone should read this article because it is wonderful. I know that suicide is a topic that is really hard to understand for people who aren't mentally ill. And while it's okay to not understand why Robin Williams would want to kill himself, it's not okay to immediately deem it selfish just because it hurts you.
  5. Comics that illustrate how people talk to people with mental illness.
    I LOVE all of these comics and pictures that demonstrate just how silly people look when they say things like "you just need to try harder" or "you need to be more positive" to people with mental illnesses. It's these responses that keep people thinking that mental illnesses aren't real, which keeps people from speaking up or feeling better. I like how these comics are drawing attention to that while encouraging change.