My favorite photos of my mom

It's not her birthday or anything, I just really love her.
  1. This was dated May of 1967, which means my mom was only 3 months old.
    I love that you can see my grandma's shadow taking the picture.
  2. This is a formal portrait with her two big brothers.
    I think my mom was such a beautiful baby. I would love for my babies to look like her.
  3. Her face and her bonnet are both totes adorbs.
    Sorry I said totes adorbs.
  4. She was SO blonde.
    My sister and I were total towheads (I've just been informed that it's spelled towheads, not toeheads, which sounds wrong) too, but my mom and my sister didn't keep their blonde hair like I did. Also I love her expression in this one.
  5. Girl Scout!
    This is still such a classic my mom pose. Also her expression looks like the one my sister made when she was a baby.
  6. Terrible quality pic, but I love it because my mom is now a gardener.
    Like that's her job and her hobby. So I like this photo because it shows her interest in gardening from a young age.
  7. Meeting her cousin Jennifer.
    I don't know why I love this photo, I just do.
  8. I think she looks like an old Hollywood movie star in this one.
    Either way, it's one of my absolute favorite photos of her.
  9. BRIDE!
    She was SUCH a beautiful bride. This is one of my favorite photos from my mom and dad's wedding.
  10. New Aunt!
    This is her with my cousin Ryan, who was also the first grandchild on my mom's side, and I think she looks so beautiful here as a proud new aunt.
  11. This is my favorite photo of the two of us.
    I want to frame this one.
  12. I took this photo about a month ago when we were in Roatan, and my mom says this photo pretty much sums her up.
    Crouching down to pick a shell up so she can look at it, while holding her camera. That's a pretty good representation of my mom.
  13. And this list turned out to be super appropriate because she joined today! Go follow her: @lpabbott