It's been one week since Tom Hiddleston wore the now iconic I ❤️ TS tank top. In honor of this anniversary, I've collected my favorite tweets about this event. Enjoy!
  1. In case you forgot, this is what the tank top looks like.
  2. Static
    Definitely not in my mind.
  3. Static
    Who can I call to suggest Eric Goldman as the costume designer for Thor 3?
  4. Static
    Maybe that.
  5. @aidybryant contributed this gem:
  6. Static
    Oh come on, where's your sense of fun?
  7. Static
    Geez, who are we going to nominate for this job?
  8. Static
    People seem to think that Tom Hiddleston has forgotten how old he is.
  9. Static
    You should definitely get one done.
  10. Static
    I definitely don't want people to forget about this.
  11. Static
    Michael Scott has made an appearance! Yay!
  12. This is part one of My New Favorite Twitter Thread:
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  14. Static
    There were a lot of tweets with this theme, but I deemed this one the best.
  15. Static
    Maybe he thinks it's stylish!
  16. Static
    So embarrassing.
  17. Static
    Poor Tom Hiddleston's publicist.
  18. @aswinn posed this pressing question:
  19. Anne T Donahue questioned his thought process:
  20. This person created a handy new guide:
  21. Happy Weekiversary of the Day Tom Hiddleston Wore the I ❤️ TS Tank Top!