Seth Meyers does this awesome segment where he helps us out with teen slang, and even though I'm 19, I didn't know like 90% of these. These are my favorites!
  1. "DVR-sehole" (noun) when your roommate fills up your DVR with a British show you don't watch.
    Example: "I tried to record South Park, but my DVR was full of Masterpiece Theater. Chad's a DVR-sehole."
  2. "Blow-prah" (noun) a generous person who gives cocaine to everyone in the room.
    Example: "The Party was a bust, but then Travis came in and was like, 'You get cocaine! And you get cocaine! Everybody gets cocaine!' Dude's a Blow-prah!"
  3. "Regretflix" (noun) when you binge watch an entire show and then realize you didn't like it.
    Example: "I just watched 10 episodes of Marco Polo in a day. #RegretFlix #IShouldHaveBlizzBlazed"
  4. "CVS receipt" (noun) one of your friend's stories that goes on way too long.
    Example: "Kaylee told me about her day but I tuned out after 15 minutes because her story was a total CVS receipt."
  5. "Va-dar" (noun) the ability to tell if someone is evil.
    Example: "My Va-dar went off the minute Cindy walked into the party, and then later I saw her choking Beth in the kitchen."
  6. "Char-Jar Binks" (noun) someone who annoys people at a party by constantly looking for a charger.
    Example: "Connor keeps asking people if they have an iPhone 4. #CharJarBinks #HeesaGottaCheckHisEmail"
  7. "Trumping" when you try and get a girl to break up with you by saying more and more awful things but she ends up liking you for some reason.
    Example: "I told Marisa that all refugees should go to hell, and now she's talking about marriage. #Trumping"
  8. "The Spliffsonian" (noun) a house with way too much weed paraphernalia.
    Example: "We can hit a joint, blunt, bong, and bubbler, because it's the Spliffsonian up in this bitch!"
  9. "Facebook friend" (noun) someone you only keep around just to hear the crazy things they say.
    Example: "I hate to admit it, but every time Ben starts talking about how the pyramids were made by Joseph, I'm glad he's my Facebook friend."
  10. "Gravy boat" (noun) that weird friend you only see once a year on Thanksgiving.
    Example: "I went home for Thanksgiving and ran into Jordan Schmidt. That gravy boat was still wearing his class ring."
  11. "Chapstick" (noun) a person who, like Chapstick, cannot be found when you need them.
    Example: "Tyler is always asking me for weed, but when I need a ride to the airport, he total Chapstick."
  12. "The Martian" (noun) a friend who gets separated from your group, but you decide that it would be too much of a pain in the ass to go back and find them, so you just leave them.
    Example: "We lost Greg on the second day of Coachella, but it's too late. He the Martian now."
  13. "Hello, Kim" what you say to your co-worker when she returns to work after being in jail.
    Example: "Nancy from HR is telling everyone she was sick yesterday, but we all saw her punch a cop at the Mets game. So it's like, "Hello, Kim."
  14. "Landlining it" (verb) doing something the old fashioned way.
    Example: "Derek asked me out on a date in person instead of by text. What the hell? He is totally landlining it. #ByeFelicia"
  15. "Chipot-lay" (noun) someone you have sex with, which you then immediately regret.
    Example: "Steve was a total Chipot-lay. I went home with him, and when I woke up, I was in Staten Island."
  16. "Log cabin" (noun) any place that doesn't have wifi.
    Example: "How am I supposed to watch Netflix when my Aunt Sherry's house is a total log cabin?"
  17. "Zayn" (verb) to leave early
    Example: "My ex is here. I gotta Zayn."
  18. "Brexit" (verb) leaving a party without thinking of the ramifications of your decision.
    Example: "Tiffany told everyone at the party she was too good to be there and stormed out without realizing she had no money for a taxi, her phone was dead, and she was 3 miles away from the nearest subway. #Brexit"
  19. "Pac-Man" (verb) when you see those three dots meaning someone's in the middle of texting but then they disappear like they've been gobbled up like Pac-Man.
    Example: "Dude I texted Vanessa G. to come out tonight but she totally Pac-Manned. Though, to be fair, her aunt's in the hospital right now so maybe that's why."
  20. "Edward Blowden" (noun) the guy who tells everyone at the party that you have cocaine.
    Example: "Dude I barely had enough coke for myself but thanks to Edward Blowden over here, I guess I gotta share it with everyone. #Whistleblower #TimeToBrexit"
  21. "Bowladex" (noun) the list of people you call for weed.
    Example: "Dude, we're completely out of trees and Jayson's not texting back. Time to break out the bowladex!"
  22. "WhileFi" (noun) the socially acceptable amount of time you need to be at someone's party before asking for the wifi password.
    Example: "This party sucks because I have to talk to people but soon I'll be all up in Safari. #WhileFi"
  23. "Netflix and Phil" (noun) when you think you're going over to someone's house to hook up but you end up watching Dr. Phil.
    Example: "Brody invited me back to his place, but instead of getting nasty we just watched some bald-headed Wilson with a mustache be all high and mighty. #NetflixAndPhil #WastedShower"
  24. "Who dat? Who dat?" (phrase) what your mom says when you're watching a movie with her.
    Example: "Tried watching Ocean's Eleven with my mom last night but every 5 minutes she'd point at the screen and be like 'Who dat? Who dat?"
  25. Go forth and use these new vocab words.
    Thanks Seth!