Inspired by @gd3 love these questions! 💜
  1. What prompted you to join list?
    I read about it on B.J.'s Twitter and decided it sounded interesting.
  2. How do you navigate?
    I stick mainly to the activity and search page, but I also frequently check my newsfeed and my notifications. I'm on this app constantly.
  3. What has been your favorite update to list?
    I loved the update that made the links into the titles of the list but in blue! I thought that was such a good idea.
  4. What is one thing you wish to be in the next release?
    I wish we could make question lists (just like this one!) and there could be an easier way to answer these questions instead of just retyping them into your own draft. It's a lot of work.
  5. Do you have a "List persona"?
    Definitely the Stalker because I'm always guilty of liking old lists, and I like a lot of them at one time, and I'll do it randomly, without any prompt.
  6. How many active list accounts do you operate?
    Just this one!
  7. What makes list fun for you?
    Everything. Writing lists, reading lists, making friends, discovering new things, and more.
  8. What makes it challenging for you?
    Feeling like I'm listing too much. I really struggle with that.
  9. What is the most fun experience you had associated with list?
    I'm really struggling to choose one. I've just had so many I don't think I could pick.
  10. Who is someone you wish would return to list?
    @talor was one of my closest friends on this app, we were always liking and relisting each other's lists, sending each other list requests and DMs, and we had a lot in common. Then one day I just woke up and she had deleted her account. I was really sad that day.
  11. Do you have a list that makes you scratch your head about why it might not have gotten the attention it deserved?
    There are honestly so many lists of mine that I expected to do so much better and that sounds so conceited I'm sorry.
  12. What was your favorite list you have created so far? And why?
    LIST 201: MY LIST STORY/TIMELINE because I really loved going down memory lane and recapping my experiences on this app so far. It was like my own highlight reel.