I only have one set of grandparents (@lpabbott's parents) and they are pretty special. Here are some of my favorite stories about them. *note: some of these I don't actually remember, I was just told.*
  1. When I was a baby (probably about a year old), I was sitting on my grandma's lap and eating a piece of cantaloupe, and she looked down and realized I was choking.
    Fortunately, I survived. But that became known as the time I almost died because of cantaloupe.
  2. When I was 2, my parents, sister, grandpa, and I drove down to Disney world, and apparently the whole time I wanted to watch the same tape of Gulla Gulla Island over and over again.
    My grandpa still brings up this Gulla Gulla Island hostage situation today.
  3. When I was 10, my grandma was driving me around on an ATV. Even though she wasn't going more than 10 mph max, she ran us into a tree.
    I remember we were just cruising along down this trail and all of a sudden we were surrounded by branches. All I could say was "oh, Mary."
  4. My grandma's name is Mary and my grandpa's name is Marty, so when I got pet fish when I was 11, I got two fish and named them Mary and Marty.
    Mary the fish lived a really long time. Marty the fish, not so much.
  5. In July 2008 (I was 11), we were all down in San Antonio, Texas, for my mom's cousin's wedding. My grandpa and I were watching tv in the hotel room, and he pointed to the sprinkler, which had a sign that said "please don't hang clothes hangers on sprinkler."
    My grandpa pointed to that and explained that the sign was how you knew that someone did hang a hanger on the sprinkler, and the sprinkler went off, so now they have a sign there telling you not to do that. I think that's the wisest thing my grandpa has ever taught me.
  6. About 3 years ago, my grandma and grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary was coming up. @madisonelizabeth was so impressed, and was all, "how did you do it?" And my grandpa shrugged.
    So there you go, the marriage advice you've been searching for. You're welcome!
  7. My cousin is 9 months younger than I am, so for three months out of the year we're the same age. When my cousin turned 16, my grandma posted on her Facebook wall, "Happy birthday to the greatest 16 year old granddaughter that I have!"
    This one hurt.