@ShawnKelly and I were talking on Twitter and I found this AMAZING gif that is a serious game changer. It's definitely my new fave.
  1. Here it is:
    It's from the classic movie The Little Mermaid, and I feel that it applies to any situation.
  2. "Hey Lexie, when's the last time you took out the trash?"
  3. "Lexie, how are those group projects coming along?"
  4. "Lexie, necesitas participar más."
    My Spanish professor says this to me because I hate talking in her class because I hate her.
  5. "Hey Lex, when's the last time you did laundry?"
  6. "Man, living in a dorm must be SO FUN. Do you like your neighbors?"
  7. "Lexie, what's your opinion on the election and what has gone down since then?"
  8. *literally anytime this one girl in my stats group talks*