Today in class, my microbiology professor was talking about Watson and Crick, the two guys who got all of the credit for discovering the structure of nucleic acid.
  1. What you might already know is that the unsung hero of this story is a woman named Rosalind Franklin.
    She did just as much work as the men, if not more, and didn't receive the Nobel Prize, like they did.
  2. My professor made it very clear that he wasn't interested in talking about Watson and Crick, and that we would definitely be asked about Rosalind Franklin.
  3. He then called our class the "Rosalind Franklin Fan Club."
    I'm very excited to be in this club.
  4. And later in the lecture, he mentioned that people in the science world "can't ignore women forever."
  5. So, in conclusion, my professor rocks. 💪🏻