April 24, 2015, was the night of my senior prom. Even though my whole high school experience could be summed up in one word: "meh," my prom was actually one of the best nights of my life.
  1. I got my hair and makeup done (probably the last time that will happen before my wedding) then put on my dress, and we took pictures at my house first.
  2. That's me with my grandparents.
    They happened to be in town that weekend.
  3. Then my parents drove me to my friend Rebecca's house, where we were all meeting.
    From left to right that's Sarah, me, Megan, and Rebecca. These girls were and still are my best friends.
  4. There we are trying to flex.
  5. There's the whole prom group.
    We had a LOT of people. All of the teenagers were standing there and our parents were taking pictures (I think my mom took this one) and my mom yelled "who are you wearing? You look fabulous!"
  6. I had filled my clutch with starbursts, and I was offering them to everybody.
    People were surprised but took them!
  7. Wanna know how old I am? Here's a hint: there was a selfie stick at my prom.
    Rebecca had just bought that selfie stick and we had all kind of teased her (good-naturedly) about it, and at prom, she was like "WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?"
  8. Another go at the selfie stick.
  9. There we are boarding the prom bus.
    We went to dinner downtown and the plan had been to go to the Georgetown waterfront to take pictures, but then people were worried about getting to prom on time, so we were debating and we kept changing our minds to the poor bus driver, and finally he just parked and said "let me know when you decide!" And we decided to go to the waterfront.
  10. Selfie on the bus
  11. There we are at the Georgetown waterfront.
    We took a few group shots too, and at one point, we saw these guys taking pictures of us (and we didn't know them) and we were like "hey! We see you! Stop taking pictures of us!" And they ignored us.
  12. Then we got back on the bus and went to the hotel for prom.
    On the bus, my friend Johnny suggested starting a sing along, which I was totally down for, but people vetoed him.
  13. Prom was fun, we danced our asses off.
    I don't have any pictures of this.
  14. Then we went to my friend Sarah's house, changed into casual clothes, and went to our high school for post prom.
    On the bus from Sarah's house to the school, everyone wanted starbursts but I had left them in my clutch at Sarah's house 😕
  15. Post prom was so fun, there was food, games, prizes, and tons of other stuff.
    I also don't have any pictures of this.
  16. We stayed until 5am and I drove Sarah and Megan home afterwards (we had parked my car at the school earlier in the day).
  17. I went to sleep, and I woke up around 2pm, and we celebrated my 18th birthday 🎂
  18. All in all, it was a magical experience ✨