Thank you for this request @mnickwrites because I have a lot of rules in my head to make society better.
  1. No talking on your cell phone in an enclosed public space, except for emergencies.
    Obviously, if your mom is on her way to the hospital or something, please, talk away. But just having a chat with a friend that you could 100% have over text is not worth annoying everyone in that space with your talking. None of us want to hear your conversation, and chances are you're talking too loudly. If you love talking to people that much, get a texting plan.
  2. Stop driving ten miles below the speed limit.
    I'm encountering way too many people driving 25mph in a 40mph zone. It's super annoying and it needs to stop. If you can't drive as fast as the speed limit, I'm sorry, but you just shouldn't be driving. You're just creating traffic where there doesn't need to be traffic, and it's the worst.
  3. Quit insulting people for liking popular stuff.
    Yes, I like Friends. It's one of my favorite TV shows. We like what we like, and I'm tired of hearing that "basic bitches" (????) are ruining stuff. Like what you like, don't like what you don't like, and move on.
  4. If you steal food off my plate, I'm entitled to stab you with my fork.
    @Boogie will back me up on this one. Ask me if you can have some of my food, and if I say no, deal with it, and order better next time.
  5. I'm sure I have more but I can't think of any right now.