Non recommendations

We're always listing about our recommendations (I think @bjnovak kinda started that trend) so I decided to list about things that I absolutely do not recommend instead.
  1. Minions (2015)
    This movie is terrible. How terrible this movie is needs its own list. This movie's one redeeming quality is that it occupied my 2 1/2 year old for a blissful two hours.
  2. Honest Kids Juice
    This is the worst water I've ever had. Every time I babysit at someone's house and see that they bought these, I die a little bit inside.
  3. Starburst Gummies Sours
    @lpabbott and I bought these from the grocery store because we were curious what they tasted like. They're not sour! Total waste of money.
  4. Airhead Popsicles
    Bet you didn't know these existed, huh? This was another "@lpabbott and I were at the grocery store and we saw something intriguing so we bought it" buy. We wanted to know how a Popsicle could be chewy. The answer? By being the worst Popsicle ever invented.