The Oscars were last night! LET'S TALK ABOUT IT ✨
  1. It was an exciting, history making show.
  2. Let's talk about the dresses first! Here are my faves:
  3. Emma Stone
    BEAUTIFUL. I love how the top is fitted and the bottom is flowy and fun. Also I love flapper dresses.
  4. Octavia Spencer
    SO PRETTY AND FUN. I love the color.
  5. Taraji P. Henson
    Absolutely gorgeous.
  6. Ava Duvernay
    She looks like a work of art. Absolutely gorgeous.
  7. Auli'i Cravalho
    I love this!
  8. And now my random thoughts on the actual awards:
  9. Mahershela Ali won Best Supporting Actor for Moonlight! Yay!
    His wife also gave birth to their daughter this week, so this has been a really great week for him. He's also the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar!
    And she gave my favorite speech of the night. It made me concerned about my impending mortality but I still loved it.
  11. Suicide Squad won for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.
    So if you ever need inspiration that anything is possible, just say "Academy Award winner Suicide Squad" three times in the mirror.
  12. I'm glad that La La Land won for soundtrack and song and stuff because I really enjoyed its music.
  13. Even though I really liked La La Land, I'm glad it didn't win for Best Screenplay.
    It was favored to win and it really didn't deserve that award. Pretty much every other script deserved that award more than La La Land did.
  14. Emma Stone won for La La Land!
    Yay! I'm very happy for her.
  15. Ryan Gosling was his usual adorable self.
  16. He was also the absolute sweetest during Jimmy's tourbus bit.
    He shook a bunch of hands and was talking to everyone like they were old friends. So sweet.
  17. I thought Jimmy was funny.
    I liked the Mean Tweets edition. I think it would've been funny if he'd had Meryl read Donald Trump's tweets about her.
  18. Jimmy's feud with Matt Damon was also funny.
    He had Ben Affleck and Matt Damon introduced as "Ben Affleck and guest" and when Matt was trying to speak Jimmy kept playing the "get off the stage" music.
  19. Casey Affleck won for Best Actor and that is not something we should stay silent about.
    I wrote more about this issue here: Please stop and here: THE TRUE SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES. So while I'm definitely not excusing Casey from this narrative, it's important to remember that this issue is bigger than just him. In the last 30 years, we've had 2 men accused of sexual assault serving as our presidents. That's not okay and we need to do better.
  20. The announcement for Best Picture was a first, in that Faye Dunaway announced La La Land as the winner and then it turned out that Moonlight was the winner.
    This has never happened in the history of the Oscars. However, everyone was very gracious about it. The La La Land producers were very insistent on handing over their awards to the Moonlight producers, who praised La La Land for being so kind about it. It was a beautiful display of humanity and I was proud of everyone. And CONGRATS MOONLIGHT!