This is not a complete list.
  1. About 3 years ago, my parents and I were visiting @madisonelizabeth at college. We were watching one of her rugby games, and I went to the bathroom in a building next to the field. This bathroom had two stalls, and some woman was in one of them, so I went into the other one. After she was done, she washed her hands, flipped off the light, and left.
    And I'm not being overdramatic when I say that this bathroom was now completely dark. There were no windows and no other sources of light. I literally couldn't see my hand in front of me. And did I mention that I'm afraid of the dark? So, I had to flush the toilet, open the stall door, try to find the light switch (IN THE DARK), flip it on, and then wash my hands. I'm very curious about this woman for many reasons. First, I've never heard of people turning the light off in a public bathroom.
  2. (Cont) is this a thing? I do that when I'm in a single bathroom, but I never do that for one with multiple stalls. So that was weird to me. Second, how unobservant is this woman? It's not like I tiptoed into the bathroom, not wanting to be noticed. If she truly is that unaware of the people and things around her, that's a little scary.
    Third, if she did know that I was in there (which she should've, because I opened multiple doors, locked the stall door, and walked into the bathroom, all of which make noise) did she just decide that I didn't deserve light? Is she some sort of self-appointed Light God? And fourth, am I her only victim? Has she done this to other people? I really want to know. And unfortunately, I'll never know the answers to these questions because I don't know what this woman looks like.
  3. When I was younger (I think I was about 9, but I might have been younger), my dad and I were about to take a bike ride. He was in our garage grabbing something and I was at the top of our driveway, waiting for him. This guy was driving by, and he stopped his car, got out, and picked up this dead squirrel who had been run over and was in the road.
    He tossed the squirrel into the median (WITH HIS BARE HANDS), looked at me, said "poor little guy" and then got back in his car. At the time, and now, I'm disgusted by how unsanitary this whole thing was. Also, what was the point of that? The median (which is a grassy divider between the two sides of the road for those of you who don't know) isn't some sort of collection bin for road kill. It's for people to walk on or as a base when they're crossing the street. No one wants to step in roadkill!
  4. (Count) so I don't really think I would call this guy a Good Samaritan. I think he's just relocating the problem to a different place.
    But I'm curious if he does this in other places too. And if so, does he catch a lot of diseases? Dead animals are full of bad germs. Anyway, I think about this guy and whether that was a one time thing (which is gross) or if he does that kind of thing all the time (which is downright disgusting).
  5. During my senior year of high school, I kept getting these voicemails from some cardiologist's office in D.C. They kept reminding me that "Philip" had an appointment the next day or something.
    In hindsight, I really should have called this place and told them that they had the wrong number, but I hate talking on the phone, and the first one or two times that it happened I figured they would figure it out. And then they didn't, and by then it was 6 or 7 calls, and I felt a little silly calling them then. I'm worried that Philip might be dead, because he had a LOT of cardiology appointments, and I really hope that he wasn't relying on these calls to remember his appointments.
  6. (Cont) this was about 2 years ago, and I still think about Philip from time to time and wonder if he's okay.
    I really hope so.