Photo diary: Our hike in the mountains ⛰📷

  1. Into the woods...
    That's my mom @lpabbott and my dog Kennedy.
  2. That's my dad.
    He's dressed in all camo, I almost didn't see him there!
  3. My mom and my dad walking farther into the woods.
  4. We found a blueberry bush!
  5. There's Kennedy and my other dog Chandler.
  6. More of the trail.
  7. Mom, dad, and Kennedy.
  8. Made it to the pond!
    It's full of bugs.
  9. My dad surveying the area.
  10. There's Chandler heading for the pond.
  11. Made it to the waterfall!
  12. Chandler's excited.
  13. My mom took this super blurry photo of my dad, the dogs, and me.
  14. Kennedy's really enjoying this moss, she thinks she'll just stay here and chill.
  15. The top of the waterfall.
  16. More of the waterfall.
  17. My parents being cute.
  18. Chandler giving me kisses.
    She would give me kisses all day if I let her.
  19. The woods!
  20. The creek.
  21. My parents and their favorite children.
  22. The bottom of the waterfall.
  23. The waterfall in all its glory.
  24. Chandler on top of a steep rock. She says she's hardcore parkour.
  25. One last photo of the water.
  26. Then, my dad took us on a longcut (it's like a shortcut but longer) to get to another spot, and we had to go through ferns and sticks that went up to my knees, so I stopped taking pics.
    But we stopped to take a break and I took this picture of my mountain girls.
  27. Chandler just being adorable.
  28. Trees 😍😍😍
  29. Then we went through a swamp and saw these bear tracks!
  30. And then we made it home after a million years. And I'm exhausted.