Recently I've gotten into watching political documentaries. Here are the ones I've watched, and thoughts, plus where to watch them. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
  1. Trumped: Inside the Greatest Political Upset of All Time
    I wanted to watch this because why the hell not. I was curious to see if they had an explanation for how off everyone was about this election. They did not. However, this was a really interesting behind-the-scenes look on Trump's campaign. Also, one of the main people in this film (journalist Mark Halperin) and I graduated from the same high school (Go Vikings!). You can catch this one on Showtime On Demand.
  2. Nixon By Nixon: In His Own Words
    I watched this one simply to make comparisons to Trump and because Nixon fascinates me. This was mostly made up of Nixon's tapes that had been released after his death. The way that Nixon attacks the media is identical to the way Trump attacks the media. This documentary was interesting because it really didn't talk much about Watergate and yet still proved Nixon to be a bad person. You can watch this one on HBO.
  3. Mitt
    I really enjoyed this one because it was very humanizing. We get to see Mitt Romney and his family when they figure out that Mitt is going to lose. Also, I was 15 when this election happened, so I was paying some attention, but not a lot, and this documentary kinda showed me some of what I was missing. Mitt Romney is a good man with good intentions, and now I miss decency and wanting the best for America (more than I already missed it before). You can watch this one on Netflix.
  4. The Day Kennedy Died
    This was fascinating. It was very up close and personal, including multiple interviews from people who were there that day. It really focused on the news and how the media reported on it, as well as how people reacted to it. You can watch this one on Netflix.