1. I read this article this morning and I've been thinking about it all day:
    I've forced my parents to listen to me and now I'm banned from talking about it. BUT I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS
  2. 1. Why would you want such a big rabbit?
    This rabbit was on a United flight because he was flying to his new home in Kentucky or somewhere. WHY WOULD YOU WANT A 3 FOOT LONG RABBIT IN YOUR HOME
  3. 2. Rabbits normally live in cages. So I guess this one won't?
    You would literally have to put this rabbit in a fucking dog crate.
  4. 3. Do they need to go on walks?
    I just feel like he would need to go on walks.
  5. 4. Would you treat it like a rabbit or a dog?
    This rabbit is literally the size of my dog.
  6. 5. What do they DO ALL DAY?
    Do they do normal rabbit things?
  7. 6. What do they eat?
    I guess normal rabbit food but a LOT more?
  8. 7. What does it say about us as a society that we're willing to normalize this and accept this?
  9. Not a question but a comment: I feel like this rabbit is going to give me nightmares.