Inspired by @Nicholas okay fine, sometimes I don't actually wait for lulls, I just dominate the conversation with my dumb questions. Very sorry.
  1. If you were a celebrity, would you post pictures of your child on social media or no?
    I think about this ALL THE TIME.
  2. Have you ever written on yourself with pencil by accident and then erased it off?
    One time, I wouldn't stop talking about this to my friend, and he looked at our friends and said, "help." This still makes me laugh when I think about it.
  3. What's your middle name?
    I have a weirdly strong desire to know personal details about people.
  4. When's your birthday?
    See above.
  5. I ask my mom tons and tons of questions about her wedding (because I wasn't there, okay? And I want to know) and just what I was like when I was a baby.
    I'm 100% positive she's tired of these questions, but I can't stop.
  6. Do you agree that the watergate hotel should have a sign detailing what happened there?
    I've been to the watergate hotel many times and I feel very strongly about this.