I don't get mad when people ask me about school because I know that it just means they care, but honestly, I don't want to talk about school. It stresses me out and I can't wait for it to be over, but I'm hanging in there. That's really the only answer I have.
  1. Have you read any good books lately?
    I'm so glad you asked! I read this book called Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone a month ago, and I can't stop thinking about it! It's about a girl who has OCD who finds a poetry group, and it's beautiful. It really inspired me to write more.
  2. Are you excited about the Oscars?
    Um, YES. I can't wait to see Sully, La La Land, Jackie, Hidden Figures, and more that I'm probably forgetting. Oscar season is my favorite.
  3. What do you want for Christmas?
    So much! All of Cheryl Strayed's books except for Wild (I already have Wild), Mara Wilson's new memoir, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by @bjnovak, Blue Valentine on DVD, a new piercing in my ear, and this "Give a Damn" tshirt from the Deep End Club. I'm sure there's more but I have a list!
  4. What are you excited for?
    Short term: election night, seeing my parents next weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my sister's graduation. Long term: graduating from college, becoming a nurse, buying my own house, getting married, becoming a mom, and so much more.
  5. What do you think about the reports that Amelia Earhart might have died a castaway?
    I'm glad that we're finally starting to figure out what actually happened, and truthfully, I think anything's possible at this point.
  6. Are you watching any good tv shows?
    I'm excited to start The Crown on Netflix! Other than that, no. I'm in a bit of a TV rut. Do you have any suggestions?
  7. Have you picked up any good hobbies lately?
    I've recently started doing Paint by the Numbers, and it's been so fun! I love painting, but I can't draw, so this is perfect. I've also picked up journaling, which has been fantastic.
  8. Which celebrity are you currently most obsessed with?
    Probably Brie Larson. She is just the coolest in every way, and I adore her.
  9. What was your favorite celebrity Halloween costume?
    Definitely Chrissy Teigen dressing her daughter Luna up in all of those costumes. I'm obsessed.
  10. Can you believe that Prince Harry might be dating that girl from Suits?
    AGHHHH NOOOOOOOO. I'm pretty sure that if Prince Harry just MET me, he would love me. But this news is crushing me.
  11. What's your biggest grammar pet peeve?
    Currently I have two. The first is the misuse of the word myself, such as: "myself and Maddie are so excited to go to your party!!" YOU MEAN MADDIE AND I. And the second is when people say "Maddie and I's dog is doing so well." YOU MEAN MADDIE'S AND MY DOG. OR JUST OURS. PLEASE STOP THIS NOW.