@madisonelizabeth is one of a kind y'all.
  1. The day Maddie was born was also the day of my mom's grandmother's funeral.
    @lpabbott was putting her pantyhose on when her water broke and she had to go to the hospital. My sister literally prevented her from going to her grandmother's funeral. What an inconvenience.
  2. When Maddie and I were little, some boy knocked me down at some play place Discovery thing.
    Maddie pushed him up against a wall and shouted "DON'T TOUCH MY SISTER!" in his face. 4 year old Maddie was already a badass.
  3. When Maddie was in 4th grade, she used to play the violin.
    She always forgot to bring her violin to school (which is where she practiced) and so my mom put Maddie's violin by the front door so she wouldn't forget. Maddie was walking out the door when she TRIPPED OVER HER VIOLIN, AND KEPT WALKING AND FORGOT IT. Who does that?????
  4. Maddie likes to text me sad things and then just ghost me.
    Last week, Maddie texted me this Buzzfeed article about dogs, and it was heartbreakingly sad. I responded, and she never texted me back. Um, thanks?