Stuff I found while cleaning my room

And by cleaning I mean looking through my stuff and putting it in a different, not permanent, place in my room.
  1. A states quiz from fourth grade
    This is impressive, considering I can't even do this now. I always forget like 3 or something.
  2. AND I knew 44 capitals
    That's because in elementary school, one of my hobbies was memorizing state capitals. I'm not joking.
  3. This story sucked. Even when I was writing it I knew it sucked.
  4. But it does make me laugh that I thanked my family for helping me write my "frist book"
  5. Fun fact: I still can't spell the word tomorrow without autocorrect.
  6. A picture with Santa
    That's my cousin on the right. I think this was in December 2009. I remember when we showed this to my uncle, he was like "I can't see too much of you two but it's a good picture of that guy."
  7. A signed photo from an astronaut
    My neighbor (and dear family friend) works for NASA and got these for my sister and me.
  8. My old YMCA card!
    I lost this like 4 years ago, so I got a new one, and it was in my room the whole time!
  9. A Christmas card from the White House
  10. I thought it was so cool that the White House had sent my Grandparents a Christmas card.
    It didn't occur to me until later that this was a mass Christmas card that they sent to a bunch of people.
  11. Temporary tattoos!
    I loved this journal. I used to put it in my Mickey Mouse backpack (which I now can't find) and carry it everywhere and I felt so cool.
  13. Apparently I was super angsty and wrote songs like this.
    You can feel free to laugh. I laughed so hard I nearly cried.
  14. Some facts about the day I was born
    Somehow I doubt I didn't cry until 4 months old... also I was born on a Friday, not a Wednesday. Other than that, looks about right.
  15. A journal my friend gave me for my 11th birthday
    I loved this so much.
  16. A snapshot of Lexie at 11:
    Rock music? I probably meant U2, the only concert I'd ever been to.
  17. My 5th grade planner
    It's clearly been used.
  18. And a consent and release form that I was supposed to turn in.
    It's probably too late now, right?
    Also, yes, from the ages of 0 to 7 my name was spelled Lexy.
  20. Just want to point out that I wrote please do not take any stickers on the side.
  21. Mary Kate and Ashley stickers
    My sister and I were obsessed with them.
  22. Say no to drugs, kids.
  23. Those Star Wars "stickers" were actually just cut out from a cereal box.
  24. A bag of cards from my 15th birthday, 16th birthday, and high school graduation.
  25. Cards from my first communion
  26. My ACLU membership!
    This was dated in February and it hadn't been opened and I don't remember seeing it ever but it was on my bookshelf? Life is confusing