Tax March

  1. On Saturday, my sister and I went to the tax march in D.C.
    Here's one of our signs.
  2. Here's another sign.
    It's always a good time to bring up the pee video.
  3. We took the metro down, and it was nothing like the Women's March.
    The Women's March was packed and this time it wasn't. But that's to be expected. The Women's March covered so many issues and the Tax March only covered one.
  4. It was very sunny.
    And we figured out that you can use your protest sign as a sun bonnet too. #tips
  5. It was a good crowd of people
  6. We took a selfie.
    My picture of her is so crappy but she gave an amazing speech. It was my favorite.
  8. And we marched!
  9. We passed the Newseum and they had this cool sign.
  10. This was my favorite sign:
  11. I saw this sign behind the fence in front of the Trump hotel.
    It says "Democracy is for the people."
  12. It was a really good day! The people were great, the weather was great, and I loved everyone's passion.
    Unfortunately, I forgot to wear sunscreen, so I got a sunburn on my nose. Glad to know I'm still the running Dumbest Pale Person alive.