Inspired by @mnickwrites and @Boogie
  1. Eat tacos 🌮
    @kcupcaker duh. This isn't even a question in my mind.
  2. Create a sitcom 📺
    @Boogie and I have such similar taste in TV that she would be the obvious choice.
  3. Start a flag football team
    I would so want @karlalucia to do this with me.
  4. Celebrate Halloween 👻
    @justjills has the strongest Halloween game ever.
  5. Start a daytime TV show where all we do is snark about everyone and everything
    @k8mcgarry and @marymurphy would be my top choices.
  6. Throw a party
    @marginally_amazing has really good taste and is also very sweet, so this would be fun.
  7. Take a road trip all over the US
    @talor and I would definitely be able to do this and still love each other.
  8. Go to a club
    @jessicaz for sure. She seems like the life of the party.
  9. Go to an amusement park
    I don't know why but @ShawnKelly seems like the person for this.
  10. Crash a wedding
    I think @amieshmamie would be the one for this.
  11. Explore nature 🌿
    @DG for sure.
  12. Drink coffee ☕️
    @hillary79 of course.
  13. Start a Bill Hader fan club
    @Lisa_Fav and I have already started this.