1. Think to yourself, "you know, he's a really nice guy, and he might have different friends from you, but that doesn't mean things couldn't work out between you two."
  2. Decide to message him on Facebook.
  3. Talk yourself out of it.
  4. Talk yourself back into it.
  5. Pull up your Facebook messenger and search for his name.
  6. Close Facebook messenger and decide you're not brave enough for this.
  7. Reopen Facebook messenger and start writing a message to him.
  8. Make sure you keep it casual, just "hey how have you been?" Not "I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU."
  9. Write half of the message and close Facebook messenger again.
  10. Reopen Facebook messenger and finish the message.
  11. Reread the message and change a few things.
  12. Attempt to press send, but stop yourself.
  13. Repeat stage 12 about 100 more times.
  14. Go downstairs for some fruit and to think about your life choices. Leave your phone upstairs.
  15. Go back upstairs and attempt to press send about 50 more times.
  16. Start to write a list about it.
  17. Search list to double check that he's not on here. He's not.
  18. Try to press send about 20 more times. Make sure you get so incredibly close that you think you're going to do it and then back off at the last second.
  19. Tell yourself that you need to start participating in life again, that you can't live like this forever.
  20. Tell yourself that because you've started this list, you have to press send on the message.
  21. Close your eyes and press send.
  22. Freak out for a half of a second, then feel totally calm.
  23. Realize that the world hasn't ended, and you'll be okay.