This is an extension of my list about participation trophies: In Defense of Participation Trophies
  1. So with my participation trophy list I had a mini breakthrough.
    Sorry I won't shut up. I just have a lot of ideas.
  2. A new term that has been showing up on our Facebook newsfeeds and in thinkpieces everywhere is "special snowflake(s)."
    It's associated with being fragile, like a snowflake. People call millennials special snowflakes because everyone says we're entitled. Everyone says "millennials are so upset that their candidate lost because they grew up receiving participation awards and never learned how to work for things."
  3. But I have a new theory.
  4. I think that the winners are the true special snowflakes.
    Think about all of the famous and/or talented people who have gotten special treatment just because they're so "amazing" and people are all "well they're a really good basketball player/artist/singer etc."
  5. Woody Allen
    He has been accused multiple times of sexual assault. But you guys, his movies are amazing. Like SO amazing. So let's all excuse this special snowflake from facing any consequences and/or justice.
  6. Brock Turner
    He brutally raped an unconscious girl and had to be tackled so he would get off her. But, you guys, he's an amazing swimmer at Stanford, so this special snowflake only spent 3 months in jail for rape.
  7. Bill Cosby
    He has so many rape allegations I can't even believe he is still walking around as a free man. But, you guys, he's so funny! Let's all welcome Bill Cosby to the special snowflake club.
  8. Donald Trump
    Multiple women have accused him of rape, he hasn't paid taxes as long as I've been alive, he openly bragged about sexually assaulting women, and has done so many other despicable things. But you guys, he's such a successful businessman! Let's give this special snowflake a break.
  9. Chris Brown
    He attacked and abused Rihanna and put her in the hospital. But you guys, he's such a good musician! This special snowflake doesn't deserve to have his life ruined.
  10. And these are just a few of the people in the Special Snowflake Club.
    There are many more.
  11. And I would just like to clarify that not all winners, talented people, athletes, etc. are awful people.
    There are plenty of winners who are also wonderful people (or who seem to be. I'm not actually allowed to meet them and decide).
  12. So what's my point here?
  13. The true special snowflakes aren't the people who got participation trophies when they were younger. They're the people who won and were then deemed untouchable.
  14. This is also a response to everyone calling Donald Trump's protestors special snowflakes.
    You elected a special snowflake.
  15. And a response to all the sports fans who spit on participation trophies and claim that they create special snowflakes.
    You worship special snowflakes.
  16. Let's all stop allowing terrible people to get away with things just because they have a talent.
    We all have to follow the rules. No one is better than anyone else, period.