Sometimes I struggle with changing my mind. I have to remind myself that just because I thought something once doesn't mean I have to die thinking that exact same thing. I'm learning and it's okay to adjust my thinking based on new information.
  1. Feminism
    I have absolutely no good reason for why I was against feminism. I just was, and then I realized that it was a good thing and I changed my mind.
  2. Black Lives Matter
    This one is complicated. I used to think that the black person should have respected the police officer, and that they were the reason for the situation escalating. Now I know that it's more than that, and I realize that I can be pro-Black Lives Matter and pro-law enforcement.
  3. Politics
    I used to be very apolitical. I didn't think I would vote, and I didn't see the point. Now, I still struggle with politics in general, but I'm definitely not apolitical.
  4. Poetry
    I thought poetry was dumb because it was all rhyming and stuff. Thanks to @talor and Nayyirah Waheed, I've changed my mind.
  5. Ice
    I used to hate the stuff because it made my drink watery. Now I choose a watery drink over a warm drink.
  6. Sunglasses
    I used to think they were stupid, and I don't anymore.