I can't believe we're almost in 2017. How old am I again? *just a heads up that I do talk about mental illness in this list.
  1. I hope that we all stop misusing "myself."
    Please oh please can we stop with this. People keep saying "feel free to come talk to myself if you have a problem" or "check out this photo of Katie and myself." You mean ME. "Feel free to come talk to me if you have a problem" or "check out this photo of Katie and me." I would just like everyone to please stop this ridiculousness.
  2. I hope that we can try to be more compassionate.
    I'm totally guilty of this, so I'm calling myself out here too. I think we've forgotten how to be compassionate to one another, and I think it would be easier to solve a lot of disagreements we've had this year (BLM, TW, Safe spaces, PC, and other hot button topics from this year) if we could stop trying to label everything and just see it as a way to have more compassion for the people around you.
  3. I hope that we stop using mental illnesses as adjectives for temporary states of being or little quirks.
    "I was depressed for two days but I got over it." "Oh, I'm so OCD." You might be thinking "sure it's not politically correct, but it's not hurting anybody." And that's where you're wrong. The majority of people with mental illnesses don't seek out help, and people using these words like this are encouraging the thinking that they're not a big deal (which they are) and that truly mentally ill people don't need help (which they do). So take some responsibility for your words, and do better.
  4. I hope that we just stop with minions already.
    They're not cute, they're not funny, they're annoying and I would love for us to just stop trying to make them happen already.
  5. I hope we stop talking when other people are talking.
    This is one of my biggest pet peeves. People talk during lectures, they talk when the flight attendant is doing the safety demonstration, they talk during large presentations. Guys, this is so rude! Just listen! Or at least pretend to listen so the people who do want to hear can hear!
  6. I hope Donald Trump cleans up his act.
    I have no faith in him. I don't think he is going to unify the country, I don't think he's going to do a good job, and it terrifies me. And I can't imagine how POC, disabled people, the LGBTQIA community, immigrants, and other minorities must feel. So I hope Donald Trump and his team get it together. I hope he stops using his presidency for gain in his business (that's fucking illegal Donald, how has no one stopped you?), and I hope he rethinks his controversial decisions so far and does better.
  7. I hope that we discover headphones again.
    EVERYONE seems to be watching movies and listening to music in public spaces without headphones. Can we stop this please?
  8. What do you hope for 2017?