I wonder if @bjnovak gets annoyed by all the people who tag him in this list?
  1. Watch this Space newsletter
    Our very own @victoriaedel has a newsletter and it's great. It's an awesome summary of links around the web that you might have missed.
  2. Carrying a book around in my backpack
    I'm getting a lot more reading done! I don't know why I didn't think of this before.
  3. Finding out that my book had been signed by some really fucking cool people!
    I got this book about the Watergate scandal (not All the President's Men) and it was signed by Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, Alicia Shepard (the author of the book), and Ben Bradlee (Woodward and Bernstein's boss at the Post). Used bookstores are THE BEST.
  4. Thomas Mann
    I've spent the past few days imagining how I could get him to fall in love with me. Poor @talor has been victim to a front row seat to my craziness.
  5. Instagram stalking
    Instagram has added some updates in the past few months that make Instagram stalking so much easier. Someone really should take my phone away.
  6. Parks and Rec
    Rewatching this series has helped me with some feelings of post-election what the fuck is happening.
  7. This email from my organic chemistry professor
    Just skip to the P.S.
  8. Carrying around this tiny notebook to write down random thoughts I have
    I keep it in a plastic bag to protect it from rain and life. It's full of lists and reminders and stuff like DON'T FORGET TO GO TO LIZ'S THING AT 2 TOMORROW.
  9. Making it through airport security with an unauthorized thing of lotion in my bag.
    I've never felt more alive.