Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Getting this email from B.J. Novak himself
    Not gonna lie I thought this was a big deal
  2. Finding out that blood makes up 8% of our body weight.
    That seems high to me. Thoughts?
  3. This description of Potomac, Maryland, in All the President's Men
    "The affluent horse-country suburb in Montgomery County." I grew up 10 minutes away from Potomac, so this made me laugh.
  4. The list update
    Live listing just means I can continue my twitter break, and that's fantastic! Also, I like not knowing how many lists I've written. I worried too much about that. Also, CONFETTI IS BACK. And the new picture shape is great too.
  5. This grey striped shirt from American eagle
    It's so soft and I want to be buried in it.