Things That Aren't Me But Also Aren't Not Me

Do you have those things? Like they're not On Brand™ for me, but they're also not Not On Brand™ for me. They're just kind of in between.
  1. Snapchat
    I have one, and I use it occasionally, but I also don't really get it? Also if it were gone forever my life wouldn't really change.
  2. The Hunger Games
    I read all the books and I saw all the movies, and I liked them, but I'm not like "MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR" all the time.
  3. Tattoos
    I (like everyone else, I think) have thoughts of "ooooo I should get this tattoo!" from time to time, but I never actually go through with it. But i have seen some that I think are really beautiful, and I also really like hearing the stories behind them. But I wouldn't call them On Brand™ for me.
  4. Nutella
    Sometimes I enjoy a piece of bread with Nutella on it (one time I ate 5 pieces of bread with Nutella on them and I got sick, so I kinda stopped doing that) but I'm not like obsessed with it, nor do I hate it.