It's been a crazy week (month actually) but this week especially, and I need to talk about it.
  1. This is my week, summed up in a gif:
  2. Okay so Monday and Tuesday were fine. Banana rating: 0/10
  3. On Wednesday, all bananas broke loose.
  4. It all started when I wrote my paper for film.
    I have film class at 6pm on Wednesdays, and I started writing my two page paper around 10:30am in the cafe across the street from my dorm. It was going well, but my computer wouldn't let me save my paper because it was out of memory. I thought, okay, I'll just email it to myself or print it it out and things will be okay. I keep writing.
  5. I grab a salad to go for a quick lunch, finish my paper roasting the movie we watched, and head back to my dorm to print out my paper.
    Things are going fine. I'm still a happy person who believes in good things.
  6. I open up my computer and try to save my paper again. It's not happening.
    I try to get online so I can email it to myself. The wifi is being a piece of shit and won't connect. I try to just print out the paper, but low and behold, you need wifi for that. I plug my computer into the Ethernet thing to try and boost the wifi signal, and it does nothing. I try to delete some papers from high school to free up space on my computer, and there's some error code and it won't let me.
  7. I admit defeat and text my dad, my own personal tech support, that my life is falling apart.
    He suggests that I save my paper onto a flash drive. I plug my flash drive into my computer and nothing happens. The computer won't recognize the flash drive. I text my dad this and he calls me on FaceTime so he can look at my computer. I'm doing all of this while shoving salad down my throat because I have class relatively soon.
  8. My dad tells me to do a bunch of stuff, like opening up different things to delete stuff, and we keep getting error codes.
    Eventually, we both have to put this on pause because I have to go to class. I plan to go my school's computer support after class.
  9. When I get to my physiology class, I set up my cell phone as a personal hotspot to try and connect my computer to that and email my paper to myself. Connection failed.
  10. I go to physiology and Spanish and try to forget about the fact that my computer is actively working against me.
  11. After Spanish, I go to my computer's tech support for help.
    He tries all the same things my dad and I did (turns out they're not much smarter than my dad and I are, which my dad and I got a kick out of) and he can't do much without restarting my computer, which I won't let him do because I'll lose my paper. He says "oh, why don't you save it?" And I'm thinking "SAVE it?? Where have you been for the last 4 hours??? 🙄" and I explain to him that I'm out of memory. He tries to delete some files and keeps getting the same error code.
  12. He says that he can't do anything without restarting my computer, so I thank him and come up with a way to get my paper off my computer.
    I walk to the library and start typing my paper up on a computer there. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm crazy, which I am.
    All of this trouble for this paper.
  14. I go back to my dorm room, banish my computer there for a little while because I'm mad at it, and head to a meeting.
    The rest of the computer story is boring. Basically I just take it back the next day, they take it in to fix it, and give me a loaner.
  15. Wednesday's banana rating: 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌/10
    I'm still convinced that there is a conspiracy against me and my computer.
  16. And then Thursday came.
    It was an okay day, just had one class, went to the tech support place for my computer, went to the library, just general college student stuff.
  17. I came back to my dorm around 6:30ish, and started messing around on my phone, giving myself a break before I do more work.
  18. At around 7:20, the power turns off.
    My roommate and I immediately go out into the hallway to investigate. I'm excited because I get to use the flashlights that @lpabbott said I wouldn't need but I ordered from Amazon anyway. We meet up with our next door neighbors and gather in their room.
  19. Our RA comes around to tell us what happened (the power went out, thank god we have him to tell us that) and to make sure everyone is okay.
    We force him to hang out with us and we grill him about his personal life. I think we all got to know each other a little better.
  20. We got some more updates from the school (it's not just campus, most of southern Rhode Island has lost power, and they are trying to determine the problem).
    Also, URI PD is ON this. I know I feel better.
  21. At 10:30pm, my roommate and I accept that the power isn't coming back on tonight.
    We say goodnight to our friends and go to bed. That story ends with us waking up this morning with power.
  22. Thursday banana rating: 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌/10
  23. Friday begins with me discovering that we have power again, which is nice.
  24. My roommate and I are both waking up, showering, drinking coffee, etc. when she announces that she just got an email that there's a room available for her in a different hall with more transfer students so she can meet people.
  25. She then moves out while I'm still in my pajamas.
    I'm just standing there watching stuff go out and it's 🍌🍌🍌.
  26. She leaves, and I now don't have a roommate.
  27. Today's banana rating: 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌/10
  28. Anyway, TGIF ✌🏻️
    Here's hoping next week is less banana-y.