Trivia about my birthday 📁☀️

Thank you Wikipedia for the information!
  1. According to @jpbateson, April 25th is Anzac Day in New Zealand and Australia: MY THOUGHTS ABOUT ANZAC DAY
  2. I share a birthday with some rad celebrities, such as Ella Fitzgerald
  3. Al Pacino
  4. Hank Azaria
    1964 *my personal favorite*
  5. Renee Zellweger
  6. It's also Ted Mosby's birthday.
  7. And Sara Paxton.
    1988. She was in aquamarine, remember?
  8. April 25, 1997, was a pretty rad day in history, because I was born.
  9. On the day I was born, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion was released.
    This movie and I are twinsies.
  10. On April 25, 1997, there was a major disruption of the Internet, called the AS 7007 incident.
  11. April 25 is also DNA day.
    I didn't know this one, but this is pretty cool.
  12. And finally, the movie Miss Congeniality made my birthday famous thanks to this amazing quote.
    This put my birthday into the same category as October 3rd and allows people to make a bunch of jokes about only needing to wear a light jacket on my birthday. I don't mind it. I retweet most of them.