Trivia about "Wild"

🚫Spoiler alert if you haven't read the book or watched the movie! 🚫
  1. The woman who drops Cheryl off at the beginning of the movie and says "good luck" is the real Cheryl Strayed.
  2. Young Cheryl was portrayed by Cheryl Strayed's actual daughter, Bobbi Strayed Lindstrom.
  3. The director wouldn't let Reese Witherspoon read the tent's instruction manual or the stove's instruction manual. All of her frustration was real.
  4. The director also covered all of the mirrors during the shoot so Reese couldn't see herself.
  5. This film crew violated the first rule from the US National Forests: "Leave No Trace" by leaving the hiking boot thrown in the first scene.
  6. Chris Kesting of Camas, Washington, found the boot that Reese threw off the cliff in March 2015, while hiking with a friend. He put it on display in his living room and hopes to have Reese sign it.
  7. Reese Witherspoon has said that this movie was the most intense and difficult of her career, due to the mood as well as the sex scenes she had to do.
  8. Cheryl's backpack was filled with old newspapers to help make the hiking sequences look real.
  9. Laura Dern (Bobbi) is only 9 years older than Reese Witherspoon (Cheryl), despite playing her mother.
  10. This movie was shot with almost 100% natural light.
  11. The production team had a total of 25 pairs of the custom made Danner hiking boots, to really show the progressive wear and tear on the boots. These boots were also made local to Portland, Oregon, where the movie was shot.
  12. Cheryl Strayed chose Reese Witherspoon to portray her in the movie.
  13. Reese Witherspoon was supposed to star in Big Eyes (2014), but she dropped out of that movie to do this one.
  14. When Cheryl Strayed hiked the trail, she was 26 years old. When Reese Witherspoon made this movie, she was 37 years old.