One of the ways I deal with my anxiety and depression is to have a TV show on whenever I'm alone or to watch and make me feel better. This is my go to list, otherwise known as TV shows I pretty much have memorized. Just to clarify: These are NOT the only tv shows I watch (I watch a lot of tv) but these are the most comforting.
  1. Friends
    Oh this show. It has a very large place in my heart for many reasons. Maybe one day I'll list about it, but the short version is that I love watching these people and their lives play out, even if I already know what's going to happen.
  2. How I Met Your Mother
    This show is very similar to Friends but different enough that it's still interesting and I enjoy watching it again and again.
  3. That '70s Show
    @madisonelizabeth described this show as being "Like the gang from Friends but younger" and I think that's a good way to put it.
  4. The Office
    Michael Scott just makes me feel better about my life. I just really love these people and their shenanigans.
  5. Parks and Recreation
    This show is a new one to my rotation, (I watched it for the first time in January) and it's quickly become a recurring favorite.