She's out of control, y'all.
  1. She thinks my bed is her bed.
  2. She keeps stealing my spot on the couch.
    Yes, that's also my computer. She thinks it's hers.
  3. She claims the other couch as her own too.
    I don't really care that much about this couch because it's a sucky couch, it's just worth noting.
  4. She's also claimed the recliner.
    And she doesn't care if @lpabbott is already sitting there.
  5. But she'll also sit there by herself.
  6. She turns the couch into her fort.
    This is nothing. I've tried to get pictures of her burrowing under the couch cushions, but every time she has stopped as soon as I've grabbed my phone.
  7. She steals the couch for her naps.
  8. She insists on riding up front with my parents during road trips.
  9. She thinks my mom and dad's bed is her bed.
    Okay this one makes me laugh.
  10. She's just lucky she's so cute and sweet. ❤️❤️❤️❤️