People (okay fine, my mom) are constantly asking me what I'm thinking about, and I'm 100% positive that they don't know what they're getting into with this question.
  1. Why does the watergate hotel not have some kind of sign detailing what happened there?
  2. If I were a celebrity, would I post pictures of my child on social media or no?
    I think about this daily.
  3. Do you think undercover cops have to move to a new city when they go undercover? Because otherwise people will just be like "um you're a cop."
  4. Who the hell unfollowed me on And why the hell did they unfollow me? That person sucks.
  5. If I get married, will I change my last name? I really like my last name and I only have one sister, so it's not likely that she will carry on the name.
  6. But at the same time, unless we give my last name to our kids, my last name will die with me anyway. So I might as well change my last name.
  7. Who would marry me anyway? Don't go down that road Lexie.
  8. Maybe my husband and I could hyphenate our last name? Ugh I hate hyphenated names.
  9. Great, I've done tons of thinking and it's gotten me nowhere.
  10. I wish tradition was that you took the last name that was cooler, not necessarily the man's. Because my last name is pretty cool. I think it has a lot of perks.
  11. Okay Lexie. Think about something else.
  12. What's it like to be featured on @list? Do you think it's like life changing or something? Will one of my lists ever be featured?
  13. Would Ryan Gosling like me if he met me?
    I don't even necessarily mean romantically (although of course that would be amazing). I just mean like would he think I'm funny? Would we be friends? I like to think yes.
  14. So, there you go. Probably not as interesting as you hoped.