What I'd Offer in The Lexie_elyse Monthly Subscription Box

I'm so excited to be included in this exclusive club.
  1. A ring
    I'm really into rings right now. It won't be super fancy, but it definitely won't turn your finger green.
  2. A Ryan Gosling movie on DVD
    I really can't explain this one. I just adore Ryan Gosling and I want to make DVDs cool again.
  3. A pair of fun socks
    Fun socks are my shit. Obviously, I would send light ones in the summer and heavy ones in the winter.
  4. Coke in these classic bottles
    These make me feel fancy.
  5. A box of fun Band-Aids
    Here are the Band-Aids I'll be choosing from: My Band-Aid Collection
  6. A book
    It might be a kid's book, it might be a classic, it'll vary from month to month.
  7. A funny tweet
    I just have so many to choose from.
  8. A recap of all the things that happened with celebrities this month, and my commentary
    I'm always up to date on this stuff.