What I Watched This Week

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. No Strings Attached
    @Boogie and @karlalucia sent me this DVD and it was as delightful as I remembered. It's a really good script! It has a lot of funny quotes. I might need to write a list about it.
  2. Zootopia
    I watched this on Netflix! It was very cute. I don't think I need to watch it again, but I enjoyed it.
  3. Grey's Anatomy Season 6, episodes 3-8 or something
    I've already watched Grey's Anatomy all the way through, so sometimes I'll just put it on while I'm at the gym or something.
  4. Seth Meyers YouTube Clips
    I'm obsessed with him. When I go to YouTube, it literally just recommends Seth Meyers clips for me. I have a problem, and I can't stop texting @talor about it.
  5. This Is Us
    I don't have cable so I just watch the newest episode on NBC.com. this week's was good, but a little predictable. I'm worried that this show is starting to bore me.
  6. Citizen Kane
    I watched this in my film class! It was interesting! I've never seen it before, but people are always saying that it's like the best movie ever or something.
  7. Room
    I've already seen this before, but I've been painting this paint by the numbers thing that I got on Amazon, and I like to have a movie or tv show on in the background that I've already seen, so I can just listen to it.
  8. Good Will Hunting
    This was another movie that I've already seen but I just wanted to have on in the background while painting. It was just as good as I remember.
  9. Twitches
    My friends and I watched this movie on Thursday. I hadn't seen this in like 10 years (since it first came out) and it was definitely fun to compare what I thought of it then to what I think of it now. It's still a great movie.
  10. Titanic
    I started this one on Netflix and got through about 30 or so minutes of it. I've decided that the unsung hero of this movie is this guy. He's hilarious.