Inspired by a question I asked @Boogie. are you wearing any jewelry, and if so, what is it? Include pics!
  1. I'm wearing my earrings (that I'm always wearing) and two rings- my diamond birthstone ring that my mom gave me for my 18th birthday (it was her grandmother's) and my aquamarine ring that my grandma gave me.
  2. Gold circles earrings and my many coin necklace
    Also my wedding ring
    Suggested by   @macnchz
  3. My standard high maintenance designer look.
    Don't stare guys.
    Suggested by   @Boogie
  4. Just my wedding ring.
    Suggested by   @amieshmamie
  5. Always wearing this necklace that was my grandma's (practically never took it off in 10 years)
    Not wearing it rn but now also usually wearing a ring my other grandma gave me last April that use to be my great aunt's
    Suggested by   @Lisa_Fav
  6. My great grandmother's ring
    Suggested by   @anacrookston
  7. I love this list! My wedding + engagement rings
    Confession- I spent a while trying to take a picture of both my hands ... also, I don't know how to make a cute wee photo collage because I am 85 on the inside... so that's three separate pictures... sorry about that...
    Suggested by   @anacrookston
  8. And my favourite wee hexagon earrings.
    I wear all of those, everyday. Again, because I am 85...
    Suggested by   @anacrookston
  9. Does my sexy Fitbit count?
    Suggested by   @kate81
  10. Usually nothing, but earrings AND rings today.
    Suggested by   @celestestelle
  11. Mixing metals which I rarely do: bronze claw lariat and my massive and beloved amber ring.
    Suggested by   @kate_dom
  12. just plain pearl earrings, I have two holes in both ear but I forgot to bring a second pair on vacation with me
    Suggested by   @audreypalumbo
  13. Amber necklace
    Suggested by   @francium
  14. Just my engagement and wedding rings. Occasionally I get really fancy and add a hair tie as a bracelet 💃🏻
    Suggested by   @colls39
  15. 2 bracelets. One from my husband which I count as a wedding right cause I don't like to wear rings very much. And one I bought when I was 18 in Santa Fe.
    Suggested by   @hillary79
  16. Ring that my grandma gave me when I was 7 (clearly now too small) and bracelets I got in Tanzania and South Africa
    Suggested by   @ellied
  17. Jewelry I never take off: my diamond earrings and my ring made from my grandma's old wedding ring (we had it reset)
    Plus my aquamarine necklace, watch, and my two mala bracelets (one from Bali, one I won on instagram 😆)
    Suggested by   @LeahG
  18. 1 x Mother of pearl pendant (relatively recent purchase); 2 x rings: diamond half band (30th birthday present) and a Swarovski crystal band (very recent purchase) 2 silver bracelets.
    Dammit! TWO list contributions IN ONE DAY with my out of control eyebrows. There had BETTER be similar pic requests on Friday evening when my brows *should* be FLEEK!!!
    Suggested by   @Diplomatic_diva
  19. Every day I wear: Wedding & engagement ring. Rose gold hammered ring (my mom has a matching one). Silver bracelet my mom gave me for HS graduation in '06 that I never take off. Stud earrings I wear every day. Rose gold bar necklace that my sisters-in-law and I have as a matching set (I got them for all of us ❤).
    Suggested by   @ripnclebass
  20. Whomp whomp
    Suggested by   @lizabeth