What March Looks Like In My Phone

Inspired by all the cool kids
  1. It was super cloudy
  2. My sister and my dog
  3. My sister and I had lunch at the mall and we split a Cinnabon and it was fantastic.
  4. I MET A DOG
    Her name is Mufasa
  5. I was sick so I did EIGHT crossword puzzles in one day. Yeah. Yeah.
  6. We saw Kong!
    And it was great. I don't care what my sister says.
  7. I'm now obsessed with that Frankenstein quote.
  8. I have so many questions about this photo.
  9. I appropriately wore my Let It Go socks for the snow.
  10. SNOW ❄️
  11. My girl Brie was in the crossword.
  12. I was trying to get a good pic from a video of me scuba diving 3 years ago.
    I was not successful.
  13. Update: my dog is still adorable.
  14. VEGGIE DOGS 🌭🌭🌭🌭