*To clarify, I mean the dreaming you do when you're asleep, not dreaming like "I'm dreaming of going to college!" That dreaming is wonderful.*
  1. I realize that this is a weird topic, and a weird thing to talk about. But I've been thinking about this lately.
  2. And here's why I don't like dreaming:
  3. Bad dreams/Nightmares exist and are the worst.
    I had a dream once that I was at my friend Sarah's house, we were home alone, and I walked upstairs into her room and walked in on two people robbing the place. And that's not even close to the scariest dream I've ever had. This is just the most recent one.
  4. I have stressful dreams.
    I've had dreams that I have homework assignments due (in July, nonetheless), I've had dreams about needing to study for tests, and I wake up completely stressed and not at all rested.
  5. Happy dreams are a huge letdown when you wake up.
    I've had dreams about meeting tons of celebrities. When I woke up, I was incredibly bummed out. You think good things have happened to you and then they're just snatched away.
  6. You have no control.
    You're thrown into these situations and you have no power over what you say or do. It's the worst.
  7. Dreams can make you mad at someone.
    I've had dreams where I've gotten into a fight with my sister and I've woken up pissed at her for no reason. It's a crappy way to start the day.
  8. Dreams are confusing.
    I have dreams about stuff and then it takes me some time to figure out if that was real or a dream. It's such a waste of time.
  9. Sad things happen in dreams.
    I've had at least three dreams that my mom died. It's devastating in the dream, and then I wake up and realize that none of that actually happened.
  10. The only good thing about dreams is that they make for okay stories sometimes.
    Emphasis on the sometimes.
  11. Overall, I just think dreams are stupid and I'm not quite sure why they exist.
    Is this the case for other people or do I just have too active of an imagination?