I started seeing a psychiatrist on April 9, 2014, for my issues with depression and anxiety. I was 16 years old, and desperately needed help. Now, I'm 19, and realizing that it might be time to find a new psychiatrist. This is how I came to my decision.
  1. My current psychiatrist is not covered under my insurance.
    This is a biggie, especially for my parents. Psychiatrists are cheap, and having to pay out of pocket (when you know that you could just find a psychiatrist who is covered by your insurance) requires the psychiatrist to be an unbelievable, incomparable psychiatrist who is absolutely worth all that money. I don't think that description fits my psychiatrist.
  2. My psychiatrist doesn't really help me fix problems, she just listens and sympathizes.
    And while this is nice, it really doesn't do much as far as making me feel like I have my life in control. She basically just confirms for me that my life is a mess. Thanks, but what do I do about it?
  3. She's always late.
    This is the biggest problem. And while I am a reasonable person and I understand that things do happen, the fact that she has been late more times than she has been on time really irritates me (and it's not because she's with a patient). Because when you're a senior in high school, using your 46 minute lunch break to go to therapy because you have rowing practice after school and you can't miss any more classes, being 20 minutes late is a really good way to stress me out.
  4. She never wants me to leave.
    This is a weird one. On the rare occasion that I don't have to leave right away, she always just wants me to sit and make conversation, even after my appointment is over. And therapy is weird for me, it's not something I enjoy doing, so when I'm done, I like to be done. And it's like she guilts me into staying, even when I have nothing to say.
  5. Fact is, therapy is expensive, and while it might sound like I'm just nitpicking, these things are really important to me and when my family is paying that much money to someone, it's hard to ignore when she's making you angry for so many reasons.
    And not only that, I deserve better than a psychiatrist who can't be bothered to respect my time. And I think we all do.