Y'all are way too nice to me.

  1. So earlier this week I listed about how @hillary79 is the most amazing human ever who sent me an incredible care package.
  2. But today I got an email that I had a package, and I was like "who's sending me a package?"
  3. So I got the box.
  4. And it said this...
    And my first thought was that it was another one from Hillary, and I was like this woman is a Saint. I don't deserve her in my life.
  5. And then I realized that the package was addressed to Lexington Abbott, and I thought of my good friend Boogie who loves to call me by my full name...
    And I thought about how she and Karla went shopping together a few weeks ago... (a trip I was super jealous of).
  6. So I opened it.
    Look at all the cute tissue paper packages!!
  7. And I read the two notes, and low and behold, this package was from @karlalucia and @Boogie.
    They explained how they all wanted me, but Hillary won (I have no idea how getting me is winning but okay) and @amieshmamie gave them my address anyway, because they wanted to send me a package too. You guys are making me cry.
  8. The package was filled with fun stuff, like these glasses and a sleeping mask:
  9. I laughed out loud when I saw this. I'm so excited to watch it.
  10. These adorable tissues, which are perfect because everyone around me is sick:
  11. my mom @lpabbott will be happy to see this!
    She's obsessed with sugar skulls.
  12. Cookies!
  13. And popcorn!
  14. And this huge box of rainbow nerds!
  15. More snacks.
  16. Omg. So excited to try this hot chocolate.
  17. I was JUST thinking about this movie!
  18. And last but not least, a calendar, that @Boogie marked with every month as March.
    I'm so touched.
  19. You ladies are fantastic.
    And I want Boogie, Karla, Hillary, and Amie to send me your addresses so I can send y'all some swag in January when I'm home for break.