Ah thank you for this request @veshecco!
  1. You are bffs with your family and you have to remind yourself to make friends other than your mom and sister.
  2. You spend your life inspecting food for suspicious things, like a piece of onion.
    I'm not allergic, I'm just picky.
  3. You feel an unnatural amount of rage when you see a car with a "I'm an honor student at such and such high school" bumper sticker.
    GUYS. I see these at school ALL THE TIME. And they're SO ANNOYING OH MY GOD.
  4. You love animals and are terrified of them all at the same time and wonder if there's a word for that.
  5. You create imaginary relationships with celebrities in your head.
  6. You are very much a nickname person.
    You give them to other people, other people give them to you, you have about 30 names that you'll respond to.
  7. You currently can't stop saying "yikers."
    I'm so sorry. I can't stop it.
  8. You have random scenes from tv shows pop into your head every once in awhile.
    Remember that scene from iCarly when Mrs. Benson said Freddie was allergic to fruit (even though he wasn't) and she kept harassing Spencer about giving Freddie fruit and then Spencer ran down the hall (because he needed butter for his butter sculpture) yelling "I DIDN'T GIVE HIM ANY FRUIT!"
  9. You rewatch the same tv shows and movies and reread the same books and over again, to the point where your family is like "you're watching this AGAIN?"
  10. You think that white cheddar cheese its are an acceptable dinner.