1. The hours are brutal and I need a lot of sleep
  2. Seems like kind of a fierce environment and I'm more about empowering women
  3. Moral compass too strong
  4. Unable to convince myself to "sleep my way to the top"
  5. Haven't yet been asked to "sleep my way to the top"
  6. Need something more mentally stimulating
  7. Can't mask all of my underlying emotions going on, and why would I want to??
  8. Market seems kind of saturated
  9. Modeling as an industry is OVER!!! Why would I waste my time and myself in a dying industry???
  10. There isn't the creative freedom of expression there once was
  11. Why can't Naomi Campbell throw shit at people? She's Naomi Campbell that seems like a stupid rule to me
  12. If you don't have a long and exotic name nowadays they're like "get out of here, who needs you!"
  13. Honestly, my life is better without all that negativity
  14. Kale? Don't even get me started.