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A list of goals because I'm sure as hell going to forget everything.
  1. I want to work out.
    In case I'm having to defend myself. You won't regret it.
  2. I want to use the music facilities.
    If you don't practice, you'll lose your instrument playing ability.
  3. I want to get enough sleep.
    Because it's only logical.
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Her middle name was originally Stinkersbutt. If you can already tell, my children are going to have fantastic names.
  1. Erza
  2. Kira
  3. Cana
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This is what my last used emoji's look like: 😖☺️😪😎💖🎥😭😓😏😝😍👏🏻💗😞😁🌸😑👌🏻🎉👍🏻😷💫✌🏻😊😒💕😘💁🏻😔
  1. 😊
  2. 💕
  3. 😒
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  1. 1.
    This was my default answer until I found out you have to dissect a sheep to be one. Immediate turn off. I was blinded from my love for animals, but never again...
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
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Depending on the day, I'll vary up what I get.
  1. Green tea latte
    This is my normal order! I do get sweetener with mine and I take it hot. Cold things hurt my teeth for some apparent reason .... If anyone has the nerve to surprise me with Starbucks, get this and I'll love you for the time being
  2. Caramel Warmth
    I found this on the secret menu, don't know the name of it. It's super sweet and I've only ordered it once; however it's like drinking warmth and comfort, the kind that people seek in a coffee shop. This drink doesn't have coffee though! I don't like coffee.
  3. Green tea
    2/10 do not recommend
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This list includes a lot of Disney and Pixar.
  1. Tangled
  2. How to Train Your Dragon
  3. Monsters. Inc
What's most important is broadening your mind. Whether it's going international, trying something new, you'll see something different and you'll never know what you find.
  1. Talk to people.
    I like talking to others, especially in situations where you're at a blank slate and you don't have anything else to distract you from talking. Also, I enjoy talking to people I know at new restaurants. Good food, good conversation (hopefully), good ideas! When the goal is just talking and enjoying life nothing could be better. Basically, talk to others, enjoy yourself, don't actively seek inspiration or force the creativity. Try to feel a creative mood, feel the vibe, and it'll come naturally.
  2. Mindless activity.
    I like looking at things that let my mind wander. Whether this is a game where I can zone out and think (eg. Two Dots, Frozen Free Fall) or it's looking at a website that doesn't take lots of mental energy and I'm discovering new things...thinking while simultaneously doing other things helps. Get on those chores, repetitive tasks, and whatever and let your mind go places. See: "awesomeshityoucanbuy.com"
  3. Do research
    Wikipedia: Are there techniques for a style of film you like? You can get inspiration from reading about how something is done. There are examples provided and finding new material to watch without having to emotionally attach yourself is really helpful.
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  1. Bring appliances that are the correct voltage.
    My hairdryer charred and burned because I thought an American hairdryer would work.
  2. Bring food from home.
    You're going to be homesick.
  3. Pack sick supplies.
    Tissues. Medicine that you're familiar with. You don't want to be going out, feeling sick, and trying to find your way around a city that doesn't speak your language.
There were only so many memorable ones. Most from Halloween, but I honestly can't remember them all.
  1. Wednesday Addams
    Went in a group with my friends.
  2. Princess Anna (from Frozen)
    Two little girls actually thought I was Anna and hugged me. I almost cried
  3. Snow White
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