What's most important is broadening your mind. Whether it's going international, trying something new, you'll see something different and you'll never know what you find.
  1. Talk to people.
    I like talking to others, especially in situations where you're at a blank slate and you don't have anything else to distract you from talking. Also, I enjoy talking to people I know at new restaurants. Good food, good conversation (hopefully), good ideas! When the goal is just talking and enjoying life nothing could be better. Basically, talk to others, enjoy yourself, don't actively seek inspiration or force the creativity. Try to feel a creative mood, feel the vibe, and it'll come naturally.
  2. Mindless activity.
    I like looking at things that let my mind wander. Whether this is a game where I can zone out and think (eg. Two Dots, Frozen Free Fall) or it's looking at a website that doesn't take lots of mental energy and I'm discovering new things...thinking while simultaneously doing other things helps. Get on those chores, repetitive tasks, and whatever and let your mind go places. See: "awesomeshityoucanbuy.com"
  3. Do research
    Wikipedia: Are there techniques for a style of film you like? You can get inspiration from reading about how something is done. There are examples provided and finding new material to watch without having to emotionally attach yourself is really helpful.
  4. Learn a new language
    Learn about the culture of a place that REALLY fascinates you. Something that you can get excited about. If the culture is something you're not used to, the better. It's like travelling, but in your mind.
  5. Try new things.
    You never know until you try!
  6. Watch things from other places
    Media from around the world can present new ideas. Look up things from around the world and think about how they're done and what you can bring back to your work. Step out of your boundaries and explore. Not saying that you should start watching anime or watch kpop videos (you can though), but just seeing new content not from where you are can broaden your mind. Compare and contrast cultures.
  7. Use things you love to learn new things
    What gets you excited? Are there international versions of it? Back up your new research with things you like. Don't torture yourself with things you don't like. Once you research, you'll end up finding things inspired by things you love or maybe even new things you'll grow to like.
  8. Study other versions of your craft.
    Study other arts. How do they do it? How does it connect to your art? What knowledge can you bring back from this art to your art? New perspectives are important. Everyone and everything has a different perspective on life.
  9. Watch new things in general
    With YouTube you can find a lot of shit. Hit up Vimeo. Find an area you like and really explore it. You could even explore a style you're not familiar with. International films are great (compare American animated films with Japanese anime such as Studio Ghibli) and Netflix is a gold mine. There's so much you can try! What have you not done?
  10. Keep your options open.
    If you find something that's not for you, just keep looking. Don't torture yourself by looking at it more. Use things you love to propel yourself forward. Happy feelings are important towards inspiration. If you can connect yourself more to your work, the better. Good luck!