Depending on the day, I'll vary up what I get.
  1. Green tea latte
    This is my normal order! I do get sweetener with mine and I take it hot. Cold things hurt my teeth for some apparent reason .... If anyone has the nerve to surprise me with Starbucks, get this and I'll love you for the time being
  2. Caramel Warmth
    I found this on the secret menu, don't know the name of it. It's super sweet and I've only ordered it once; however it's like drinking warmth and comfort, the kind that people seek in a coffee shop. This drink doesn't have coffee though! I don't like coffee.
  3. Green tea
    2/10 do not recommend
  4. Butter beer Frap
    I'm still on the search for a butterbeer latte. I ordered this and thought it didn't have coffee, but it did, yet I wasn't at all disappointed. This was good despite the coffee.
  5. White hot chocolate