How I'm Learning to Deal with Poor Grades/Scores

I had a major freak out tonight about a quiz grade, so I'm here to remind myself of how worthless yet meaningful (paradoxical, I know) grades can be
    Gets some air flow to your brain!! Regulate that heartbeat! Adrenaline is about to start coursing through your veins (if you are anything like me) and you need your parasympathetic nervous system to get going.
  2. Go for a walk
    Very similar to the first point, but seriously kickstart your body and take a moment for yourself. I ALWAYS beat myself up after big "fails" so I need to take a moment that is dedicated to me.
  3. Make a plan
    This doesn't have to be immediate, but I always feel better if I know what to do; it's easier for me to move past the hardship if I have a calculated, risk-managed, fix-it plan. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to have a Step 1.
  4. Do Step 1 of the plan
    Again, this doesn't have to be immediate, but I prefer it this way. Usually, I sort through what went wrong: who, what, when, where, sometimes why, and how. Then I figure out what to do to alleviate any "damage" that might come out of it. Maybe contact a professor, a friend, a family member. Maybe change my study schedule/social schedule. Maybe I look up tutors, or helpful books or resources. I do something quick and easy that can help me down the line.
  5. Continue to plan
    Having an emergency protocol can help alleviate stress. Write it down if you have to.
  6. Remember how bad it felt to get that grade, soak it up, AND THEN LET IT GO!!
    You should do this ASAP! Get on with your life, follow through with your plan! Save your energy for being awesome, not for blaming/shaming/self depricating. Do not wallow, but get up and do something. THIS INCLUDES DOING SOMETHING NICE FOR YOURSELF. Doing nice things doesn't have to equal rewarding yourself - sometimes it can equal recovery and remedy. You aren't congratulating yourself for feeling bad, you are fueling up to feel good again.
  7. Feel good again and move on to bigger and better things
    You deserve it, because you are awesome. Nobody awesome feels *good* about scoring below what they expected- but awesome people must continue to do awesome things.
  8. Get yourself some hugs, love, and goodness
    Don't be afraid to let friends and family know how you feel. They'll understand and help you through it.
  9. Do this again next time