Shows I want to watch in the summer of 2k16 that I have yet to watch seriously

  1. West Wing
    Each season has ~20 episodes???? This will be quite a feat
  2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt
    I liked last season and I want more Titus in my life
  3. Lady Dynamite
    Netflix recommended this for me and I have only heard good things
  4. Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    My brother loves this show and I am trying to connect with him, also, it looks super funny
  5. Archer
    Everyone I talk to says it's a must watch, plus H. Jon Benjamin is incredible and Aisha Tyler is a certified B.A.
  6. Grace and Frankie
    My mom loves this show and I feel bad that I never give her shows a chance
  7. Scrubs
    I'm premed haha jk idk why this is on here
  8. That's it, so excuse my while I begin this epic quest